Through the darkest of nights, from the depths of the abyss, you have traveled long and far for a home to which you belong. You have searched for all things that are metal and now you’re here. Welcome to my humble abode, a worthy domain for metal guitar players and musicians!

I’m Jason Stallworth, a metal musical and recording artist residing in the Tampa, FL area. I started Jason’s Metal to help other metal guitar players and musicians with lessons and tutorials from playing guitar to recording and music production. My goal is simple. I want to push you to the next level of musicianship.

Home of Metal Guitar Exercises & Tutorials

Jason’s Metal focuses mainly on guitar (since that’s my primary instrument). I cover metal rhythms and lead guitar tutorials and lessons. I want to stress here that I do not teach chords, scales, or theory. That stuff is great to learn, and you should learn it. But my lessons are a bit different and are more personal. They’re solely based on riffs and licks I’ve written and provide as exercises.

The idea behind my metal guitar lessons are not only for you to learn but for you to expand on them once you learn them. I give you a starting point, whether it be for metal rhythms or metal lead guitar licks. Once you become familiar with the lesson you can add your own flavor to it by expanding with more notes or changing it up.

Metal Chops 6 - Palm Muting and Alternate Picking

Recording & Metal Music Production Tips

Recording music, especially with today’s software and technology, can be quite a challenge. At least it was for me when I started. So I also make video tutorials providing recording and music production tips. Though I don’t claim to be an expert, having a few self-produced and recorded albums out has allowed me to attain a bit of knowledge based on trial-and-error. So I may be able to get you past some of those walls I hit in the learning process.

Metal Tones, Concerts, and …Beer?

Metal Guitar Tones

Occasionally I’ll throw out some videos and blogs on metal guitar tones. Actually, my YouTube channel started out with much of that stuff. I try to stay away from that for the most part, or at least I don’t make it a primary part of Jason’s Metal. There’s so much of that already out there. But I will throw up some cool metal tones that I’ve dialed in using amps or plugins from time to time.

Metal Shows

I started doing recaps of metal concerts. Truth is, I didn’t go to many shows in my younger years. I know…strange. So I’m making up for it these days and making appoint to see major metal acts that come into my area.

Metal and Beer

Beer tasting and metal guitar lessons?? So how does this fit in? Well, it doesn’t. But I do have a passion for craft beer (I’m quite the beer snob) so I’ll randomly integrate a beer tasting with some of my video blogs. These are usually at the end of a guitar lesson, so if beer’s not your thing, that’s fine; you can skip that part.

Metal Chops and Jai Alai Cigar City - Jason Stallworth

* It’s noteworthy to say that I’ll be advertising my own music on Jason’s Metal as well. This means I’ll keep you up to date with my albums and metal music projects. Often times, my metal guitar lessons and tutorials are based on some of the songs I’ve released.

Keep it Metal!


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