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Welcome to my discography page on Jason’s Metal. This is all Jason Stallworth Music, and below are my studio albums and releases.

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Christmas Presence – Single

christmas-presenceGenre: Christmas Rock, Instrumental Metal

Release Date: November 2016

Christmas Presence is my first single-release and also my first Christmas metal track.  I wrote this song several years ago. It’s been played live and used for a few videos. I finally decided to officially release it.

In writing this song, I didn’t want Christmas Presence to be just another Christmas cover song or rendition. I wanted something original but I still needed to keep hints of Christmas carols throughout the track.

It has heavy riffs with a mixture of melodic leads and creative guitar solos. There’s also a few ambient surprises thrown in.

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Heavy Metal Workout

Genre: Instrumental Metal, Workout Music

Release Date: February 2016

Heavy Metal Workout is my second studio album release in my music career. This album is another instrumental metal album and caters to those who workout. The tracks are hard hitting and driving to help motivate you when you workout.

As I always say, if you don’t workout, you need to start! But I’m not limiting this album to being just a metal music workout album. Heavy Metal Workout is built on the foundation of true classic instrumental metal with modern production quality. So even if you don’t train, this album will still captive your metal senses.

Heavy Metal Workout includes 12 tracks of instrumental metal music. Though the songs have a variety of structures, the album as a whole keeps a consistent groove and feel. The riffs are heavy, there’s plenty of djent and a plethora of fast, melodic, and dueling guitar solos.

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Apocalyptic Dreams

Apocalyptic Dreams FrontGenre: Instrumental Metal

Release Date: December 2013

Apocalyptic Dreams is my very first official album and was released at the end of 2013. This album is an instrumental metal album with 12 tracks. Although the theme is heavy and driving, there’s melodic theme and plenty of hooks in the songs.

This instrumental metal album was inspired by my love for classic metal riffs and passion for writing music. My overall goal with Apocalyptic Dreams was to give metal fans an instrumental concept of the classic metal music that many grew up listening to, and that all generations lean on. It goes back to my own roots of the older Metallica, Megadeth, and several other metal bands from that era.

Apocalyptic Dreams was written, recorded, and produced in my home studio using minimal equipment. It took about two years to write the album as I went back and forth with different guitar tones (a common theme for us metal guitar players). I spent relentless hours recording guitar and bass tracks (I used pre-recorded drum loops that were recorded in a professional studio).  And I spent even more time with the mixing and mastering phases. All that said, I was very happy with the outcome; this was a pretty amazing experience.


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