I’m Jason Stallworth, recording artist and creator of Jason’s Metal. Jason’s Metal is a multi-purposed blog site catered to guitar players and heavy metal music fans. The site is mainly built around guitar exercises, recording tips, guitar tones, and music gear. Many of my posts will support my YouTube videos giving you more details and insight.

Guitar Exercises

The guitar exercises and lessons are typically divided into lead guitar and rhythm guitar. I may have special series within these tutorials from time to time. I don’t teach the typical scales, chords, or theory. You should indeed learn that if you haven’t already. But the goal of my guitar exercises is to give you real world practice scenarios and something to build onto enhance your own creativity.

The guitar lessons and exercises are also authentic, at least I’d like to think they are. The riffs and patterns I show you are ones that I have created, often times coming to me right then out of the blue. And I’ll also use examples of my own songs for lessons.

Gear, Tones, & Recording

I’ll spend time talking about music gear, the various ways of creating guitar tones, and recording tips. The guitar tones will be presented for both amps and plug ins. I will also go over other plugins and software when we talk about recording music.

I’ll spend a lot of time on recording because I remember how frustrating is was for me when I first took that plunge into the world of software recording. So you can expect videos and blogs about laying guitar and bass tracks, basic studio setups, miking techniques, and such.

Beer Tasting and Reviews

You’re probably wondering what beer has to do with any of this. I had just decided one during a guitar exercise recording session to throw in a quick beer review. It seems to flow quite well and people seem to enjoy it. So I’ll have a short beer review, or rather, beer tasting, in some of my videos.

About Jason Stallworth

I’m taken back to the about 1990 when I first picked up the guitar. My inspiration came from my new discovery of heavy metal music. I had picked up Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets‘ and ‘…And Justice for All‘ albums. I was into other hard rock and heavy metal bands of that era. My friend and cousin (Matt and Matt) would practice our B!X freestyle moves while the stereo was cranking out metal music. I also had a heavy inspiration from Ron Goodman, a extremely accomplished musician in the church I grew up in.

My uncle had an old acoustic guitar with four rusty strings. He and my dad saw this was something I really wanted to pursue so they got me some new strings and a Mel Bay chord book. Soon after my dad took me to a guitar shop with one of his musician friends and bought me a cheap electric guitar and amp. It was a bright red Gremlin guitar and small Dean Markley amp.

I had found my true passion and spent relentless hours practicing and learning songs. I would often crank up the stereo and play along, creating my own guitar solos to whatever song was on the radio or whatever cassette tape I had in. Yes, we had cassettes back then.

I played in several bands throughout my teens to mid-20s. I believe Revelation was my first official band. My first band that played shows was Palen Genesia, which translates to ‘A New Beginning’ in Greek. I eventually formed my own band, The Guys. With my closest friends Eddie Gray and Tom Sherman, we were an 80s Rock cover band. We also had a few originals. Our biggest show was Spring Fest 1999, in ,y hometown of Pensacola, FL.

I moved from Pensacola to Tampa in the year 2000. I finished a demo I had been working on of my original music once I moved but never did anything with it. Although I played and practiced semi-consistently, I didn’t play with any bands other than playing in church off and on. I went through a very dark period in life for several years due to a mix of poor decisions and bad luck. We won’t get into that.

I had a life-changing experience in 2008 when I met the love of my life, Candy. Literally everything turned around, seemingly almost overnight. My passion for music was on fire and I knew I had to get something out there. I started writing and recording and in 2013 I released my first official album, Apocalyptic Dreams.

I started Jason’s Metal that same year but didn’t have a clear vision. In early 2016, just as I was in the final phases of my 2nd album release Heavy Metal Workout, I decided to revive Jason’s Metal. The rest is the history that you are helping write!

Keep it Metal,

Jason Stallworth

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