How to Play the Intro to Death Lift: Melodic Death Metal Track from Heavy Metal Workout II

Latest Album Heavy Metal Workout II

As you now, I released my third studio album in August, 2017, Heavy Metal Workout II. And the opening track Death Lift sets the tone for the entire album. Instrumental melodic death metal.

In this post (and in there YouTube video below), I’m going to show you how to play the intro to Death Lift. This is a fast-paced metal riff with a lot of alternate picking and palm muting, a recipe for melodic death metal.

Death Lift – Intro Metal Riff

In the YouTube video below, I show you how to play Death Lift by playing at both the normal speed and slowing it down. The guitar tab for Death Lift is in the video but I’ve also include a screen shot below the video as well.

Get ready to play some fast melodic death metal!

Click ‘PLAY’ below for the YouTube Video for Intro to Death Lift:

Intro to ‘Death’ Lift Guitar Tab:

Death Lift – Melodic Death Metal Guitar

There’s a nice mix of power chords and fast alternate picking involved in playing the intro to Death Lift. I like to mix these two as opposed to being all or mostly one or the other. The melodies and mixture of techniques is what separates Death Lift from death metal, making it a melodic death metal song.

Death Lift certainly calls for that right hand (picking-hand) technique. There’s some slight palm muting going on while doing the fast alternate picking. And you’re fretting notes during this time. SO both hands really have to be in sync. This takes practice.

Timing is another issue many of us face when playing melodic death metal guitar riffs. Especially when there’s a lot of movement on the fret board, like in the intro to Death Lift. I encourage you to start out slower and pick out smaller segments (which this intro is a pretty small segment, ideal to learn).

Super Heavy Power Chords

The power chords are super heavy in Death Lift. This is done by starting out with the 5th note of that chord rather than the root. This gives you that deep, growling metal guitar tone. *I did a video many years ago on this called Powerful Power Chords.

Playing power chords this way can add a lot of bottom end to tour guitar tone, almost mimicking the sound of a severn string guitar. It’s ideal to do this with power chords with the root note starting on the A string (this allows you to start the power chord with that 5th note on the E string).

The intro to Death Lift is actually played severn times throughout the song. It’s more-less the chorus (or verse!!). Since it’s all instrumental, you have the freedom to make your own interpretation.

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