Metal Riffs VI: Transitional Riffs with Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter

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Metal guitar riffs on top of metal guitar riffs. What shall we do with all of these metal riffs?? Well, here’s one thing you should do. Add more metal riffs! Lol.

Seriously though, add another riff; a transitional riff. What is a transitional riff? Think of it as a bridge between two parts or phrases of music. Metal bands use these types of riffs to lead into another part of the song.

Guitar Tabs:

Metal Riffs Tabs

Transitional Riffs

You can use transitional riffs almost anywhere in your songs. These notes help keep the song from becoming stagnant and it also gives an indication that the music is about to change, or shift to a different phrase (ex: verse to chorus).

Here’s a list of areas in the song where you can use transitional riffs:

  • verse to chorus
  • chorus to bridge
  • break up an extended verse
  • intro to guitar solo part (or ending of)

Of course you can throw in these transitional riffs anywhere, but those are common places within a song to use them.

Transitional riffs don’t have to be lengthy or complicated. Like my metal guitar lesson video above, it’s fairly simple.

Metal Music and Metal Guitar Riffs

Metal music is often complex and it can be busy. Sometimes too busy. Have you ever heard a song where you know the chorus began somewhere but not quite sure where?

You don’t want the verse running right into the chorus without some sort of bridge to get there. Especially if it’s in the same key. Sure, the bass or drums (or both) can carry the transition but I personally want to be captivated into that next piece of music. It’s like a build up of excitement to let you know something else is coming. It ignites you.

Beer Tasting: Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter

Metal Guitar Riffs VI Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter

Now for my Beer Tasting! In the metal guitar video you’ll see that I’m sipping on an Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter. This video was actually my 2nd time trying this beer.

It’s a dark, thick beer with a heavy coffee bean aroma. Definitely what I consider a winter time beer, which we don’t have much of here in Tampa, FL. There’s also a hint of chocolate taste (dark chocolate, to be exact).  A very tasty beer if you’re in the mood for a dark toasted porter.

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