Metal Riffs III: Rhythms with String Skipping & Chang Beer

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In my 3rd episode of Metal Riffs we’re talking about heavy metal rhythms using the string skipping technique. You’ve probably seen many string skipping lessons for lead guitar. So this may be a little twist for you to implement with your metal rhythms.

I have the Metal Riffs III video posted below as well as the guitar tabs for the lesson. First, I’m going to share some detailed information from the video below.

String Skipping & Metal Rhythms

As mentioned, I’ve seen the string skipping guitar technique mainly used in leads. The technique itself gives guitar solos a unique vibe and feel, and it’s a great element to throw in to change up the solo. So how does it work with rhythms?

The one song that comes to mind is the first track on Metallica’s ‘…And Justice for All’ album: Blackened. Of course you can find a way to play most phrases without string skipping, especially for rhythms.

However, it’s not always about hitting a particular note. How you hit that note, and where you hit it can make a substantial difference in the tone for that riff. For example, the E note on the 2nd fret of the 3rd strings sounds a bit different and brighter than the E note on the 7th fret of the 2nd string.

Metal Riffs III Guitar Lesson

Guitar Tabs:

The metal riff for this guitar lesson is in the key of, yes, you guessed it; E minor. Of course it would be lower if I down-tuned, which is something I plan to do after finishing up the current album I’ve been working on.

I do a short slide from the 2nd fret to the 4th fret on the 3rd (D) string. Going to that note and coming away from it is the first example of string skipping. This can be a little tough coming from palm-muting the E string and the slide up the neck that’s incorporated. From there, the notes are a little jumbled together but there’s a cool twist with that B flat thrown in the mix.

My metal riff here is played with all downstrokes. That seems to be part of the foundation for classic heavy metal. When I saw classic metal, I’m talking about the era of early Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, and several other metal bands.

I encourage you to practice this slow at first. You’ll get the hang of it and will gradually play it faster. As I always say, I encourage you to expand on this riff and create your own.

Learning Unique Metal Rhythms

I wrote this little metal riff on the fly, in a matter of seconds. I literally sat down thinking about what I wanted to present to you guys for this weeks Metal Riffs guitar lesson. So this came out of nowhere.

Oddly enough, string skipping is slightly out of my comfort zone. So this metal guitar lesson is just as much for myself as it is for you. It’s good to branch out and learn new technique, and practice techniques that you aren’t as comfortable with. Over the years my goal has been to become a more balanced guitar player and musician, in the realm of metal of course!

Metal & Beer: Chang (Thai Beer)

So what am I drinking for the Metal & Beer part of the video? Chang! Chang is one of the most popular beers from Thailand. It’s rivalry is Singha beer.  It’s a lager style beer, and a little on the lighter side.

A product of Thailand, Chang is brewed in Ayutthaya, which long ago was the capital of Thailand prior to Bangkok being its capital. It’s a very smooth tasting beer and relaxing to drink.

Most of you know I have a vested interested in the Thai culture and langue as my wife is Thai. So you’ll hear me speak a little Thai language in some of my videos. Sawatdee kup!

Keep it Metal,


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