Metal Riffs II: Using 5th and Octave Notes & Bimini Twist IPA

Latest Album Heavy Metal Workout II

In my 2nd episode of Metal Riffs I’m showing you how to use an iteration of a power chord. We’re going for a very distinct tone in our metal rhythms with this lesson.

At a glance, this technique is simple. But I’m not going to make it that easy for you! I’m making you play this within another riff. So we’re combining a few guitar techniques in one metal rhythm guitar lesson.

5th and Octave Notes of a Power Chord

Normally you’d play a power chord starting on the root note. For example, if you’re playing a typical E power chord, you would play the first string open followed by the 2nd fret on the 2nd and 3rd strings. This gives you the root note (E), 5th note (B) and octave (E).

In this metal guitar lesson, we’re skipping the root note and playing only the 5th and octave notes. To me, this gives you an edgy sound and tone. It also allows the bass guitar to stand out more while making the electric metal rhythm more pronounced.

Metal Riffs II Lesson

The basis of this metal rhythm guitar lesson is using the 5th and octave notes of power chords. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, we’re not stopping with just the simple notes. You’re going to be integrating this technique with some metal riffage in the video below.

Guitar Tabs:

This metal guitar lesson is based on a riff I came up with in the key of E minor. You’ll want to use downstrokes, as we talked about in the first episode in this series, Metal Riffs I. And there’s a few other metal guitar techniques I’ll talk more about below.

I could have probably talked more about the series of pull-offs in the video. I do these for each phase right before going into the 5th and octave riff. I noticed this when I was going back through creating the guitar tabs. That could be another guitar lesson on its own (which I have a few older videos on pull-offs).

Integrating Multiple Metal Guitar Techniques

I prefer to teach guitar lessons using multiple techniques. But I break it down in small pieces so that it’s attainable to learn and retain. That’s my goal anyway.

In this metal riffs lesson, using the 5th and octave notes is the highlight. However, we’re also using palm muting with a combination of hammer-ons and pull-offs. All of these guitar techniques provide an extreme metal riff.

There are a couple of reasons why I added other techniques to this metal guitar lesson. For one, I wanted to give you something solid to learn and expand on. Two, using the 5th and octave notes in a power chord isn’t something you would normally do for longer than a couple of riffs or lines. So you get a full spectrum of metal riffs by adding these other techniques.

Metal & Beer: 3 Daughters Bimini Twist IPA

It’s Metal & Beer time! I’m having a Bimini Twist IPA from 3 Daughters Brewing. This brew has a sweet taste to it and is quite hoppy, as expected from an IPA, but not quite as bitter as some of it’s counterparts. Bimini Twist has a nice balance of malt and hops.

The first time I tried Bimini Twist IPA was actually at the 3 Daughters Brewing. It’s located in St Pete, FL, about 45 minutes from the Tampa/Brandon area where we live. It’s a pretty amazing brewery and they had a live band playing some 80’s covers that night. The guitar player was playing through a Peavey 6505 combo amp, which sounded awesome. He was a solid guitarist as well. There were some other small events going on outside and a food truck. It’s a cool brewery to visit and great place to hang out and have a few brews if you’re in the St Pete area.

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