Metal Chops 7 – Galloping Death, & Lagunitas IPA

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You have to admit that ‘Galloping Death’ is an extremely cool name. Perhaps this will become a song, or even better, a band! But for now it’s a multi-purposed metal rhythm guitar exercise. Galloping Death…the 7th metal rhythm guitar exercise in my Metal Chops series.

Guitar Tab:

Metal Chops 7 - Galloping Rhythms

Guitar Tutorial Starts at: 0:49

Beer Tasting Starts at: 3:10

Galloping Rhythms Metal Guitar

First let’s talk about galloping rhythms. This is a well known metal rhythm guitar technique used in death metal and speed metal. Of course it’s not limited to those sub-genres. But that’s the premises of where this type of guitar playing started.

I covered galloping rhythms in a prior metal rhythm guitar exercise, Metal Chops 3. To recap, galloping rhythms is basically a very quick attack on the string. You’re using an alternate picking method here. Typically the quick attack (I believe I called it a ‘quick pick’ in Metal Chops 3) is not sustaining as if you were speed picking.

When I think of galloping rhythms I think of bands like Slayer, Testament, and the earlier Metallica albums. There’s a ton of bands I’m missing here but these are the first that come to mind.

Speed Picking & Palm Muting

This episode, Metal Chops 7, goes a little more in depth with galloping rhythms. We’re also adding some other techniques. Speed picking and palm muting are prominent here.

I mentioned speed metal earlier and that’s where you will indeed find the technique speed picking used. Like galloping rhythms, this technique uses alternate picking. The difference between speed picking and galloping rhythms is speed picking is consistent where as galloping is the quick attack I covered above.

Ah, the most dominating sound that defines metal music; palm muting. This gives us that djent sound, which I believe I covered in Metal Chops 5 & 6. Resting your palm gently over the strings by the bridge gives you this sound. Palm muting is used here in conjunction with speed picking, which gives yo a very cool sound.

The Purpose of the Metal Chops Series

I harp on this a bit, but the purpose of my Metal Chops series is to give you some basic yet unique metal rhythm guitar exercises. My hope is that you not only practice what I put out there, but that you expand on them. Use my metal rhythm guitar exercises as a starting point. I also hope to trigger creativity in your song writing and playing. Hopefully I’m accomplishing that so far.

Lagunitas IPA – Metal and Beer

So as you know, my good friend Eddie was down for the Nightwish Sonata Arctica and Delain concert here in Tampa back in March (can’t believe it’s been a month already). The next day we went to grab some lunch at a place called Ford’s in Brandon, FL, which they have a nice selection of craft beers. He advised me to try a Lagunitas beer.

Lagunitas IPA Jasons Metal

I should have filmed the beer tasting at the bar (I’m going to start doing more of those). But I noticed Publix had Laguntas IPA last week so I bought a six pack. And here we are.

Lagunitas IPA has ‘Imperial listed on the label. But to me, it’s on the less shocking side of IPA beers. It’s a well-balanced beer and definitely full-flavored. So if you’re looking for a strong IPA thats not so strong (not sure if that made sense), Lagunitas IPA is worth a shot…or a glass, rather.

Keep it Metal,


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